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Labour Hire

At Tasweld we aim to provide a holistic group of services and products. Our skilled workforce of 1 to 30 tradesmen includes welding supervisor, supervisors, leading hands, expert welders and trade assistants, and qualified maintenance fitters as well as an exceptional management and customer service team.

With such a diverse range of personnel sharing a wealth of knowledge and experience, Tasweld truly sets the industry standard for sheet metal fabrication, welding services and installations.

Leading Hands

All of our supervisors have years of experience and a broad base of knowledge in the stainless steel and welding industry. They are experts in advising and managing the production and installation of our products- taking pride in overseeing the superior workmanship that our clients have come to expect from Tasweld Engineering. Welding Supervisory staff are qualified to AS 1796: Cert. 10.

Qualified Welders with a specialist field and Trade Assistants

The best finish and products are produced by those with the qualifications, expertise and industry skills. This is why at Tasweld, our tradesmen are highly qualified and undertake ongoing training.

All of our Tradesmen are accredited with welding certificates to AS 1796, these include Cert. 3E, 4, 5 & 7. Our welders are specialists in their field, allowing us to offer a broad range of welding services, including TIG welding, MIG welding, Manual Metal Arc Welding, oxy cutting & welding and orbital welding. Post Trade qualifications include Red Card, Confined Space, Boom Ticket and Heights Training.

Programs are in place to ensure that the level of skilled training each employee receives reflects our commitment to maintaining the overall quality of our trade skills and the work we produce. To maintain adequate levels of personnel, we employ a minimum of one apprentice per year.

Labour Hire and Services included:

Our labour force is well placed to provide any business or corporation with outstanding fabrication and installation services. We have experience in the dairy, wine, food, chemical and beverage industries and our common services include:

  • Installation of fabricated vessels and equipment
  • Pipework, Pre-spooling, Platform Installation
  • Flexible labour resources
  • On-site vessel fabrication
  • Piping Installation
  • Stand alone Installation Projects
  • Upgrade installations